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Wallander Realty, LLC
MeetWallander Realty, LLC

Wallander Realty, LLC. is Charlestown’s oldest, established, full-service Real Estate company.

We have been serving the public for over 45 years, and we are conveniently located only 1.3 miles from Charlestown Beach.

Wallander Realty, LTD. will make your summer vacation a more enjoyable and worry-free stay.

Wallander Realty of Charlestown, Rhode Island is recognized as a specialist in property sales and vacation rentals. Our team of Realtors are experienced and knowledgeable about any type of area property.

Whether for one week, one month, or forever…Wallander Realty knows how to make your search relaxing, refreshing and carefree. Use our website to make finding the property of your dreams a reality. Enjoy!

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